attack of the bees


It’s common knowledge that I consider Thoreau a personal friend. I mean, heck, I threw the guy a birthday party this year. A bigger secret, perhaps, is that I consider his pal Emerson to my other bestie. Like, if the three of us all went to Harvard in 1835 we would have shared a lunch table. Or, even bigger news, I might have convinced Thoreau to let us all share his little cabin in the woods.

If you’re not into my favorite authors, this post might be throwing you for a loop. If you are, however, then you might be familiar with one of Emerson’s most popular sayings: “be kind, be honest, be silly.” A pretty good maxim for an optimal life, right? I have a penchant for kindness and giggles, and I’m a fan of honesty (qualification for BFFdom).

That said, I decided to pay homeage to my homeboy Emerson with an attack of the bees in Minneapolis. Come again? I designed the graphic below, made lots of copies, and then placed the bees all over the uptown neighborhood.

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22 thoughts on “attack of the bees

  1. since you’re a fan of honesty, let me be honest and say that the proper spelling is “THROW”, NOT through. Unless you were making a pun relating that word to Thoreau in which case never mind.

  2. i would love to find the silly bee. i need some more silliness in my life!! :) but these are all such great reminders and i hope they changed the way people looked at their day when they found them :)

  3. “Like, if the three of us all went to Harvard in 1835 we would have shared a lunch table. ” Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud.
    Emerson is…is my everything. I know it’s probably not healthy to be in love with a long-time dead man, but I don’t care. His writing, his philosophy on life is just so spot on. *sigh*

  4. A fab idea! I am a big fan of bees, and pretty keen on Emerson, so this post ticks a lot of boxes. Also, my only ambition for my kids is for them to grow up to be kind people. The world would be a much better place if we were all only ever kind to each other.

  5. What a cute idea and such a positive message. The little bee’s are super cute too! :)

    I also wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my latest post and for sharing The Paradoxical Commandments. It was a hard post for me to write, and your response made me feel SO MUCH better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XO.

  6. True story: A couple of years ago my family roadtripped to Maine, and I made my wonderful, understanding family take a detour to Walden Pond so I could take a picture with Thoreau’s statue.

    I haven’t read much Emerson, but I think I will now!

  7. What a FANTASTIC idea! I love Emerson. I would totally be best buds with him too- what a wise friend to have! You should spread these everywhere- they are a pleasant reminder to be kind, honest, and silly. :)

    Simply Akshara

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